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Infinite Hero Foundation Announces $260,000 in Grant Funding and Additional Investment in Innovative Brain Health Treatment, Suicide Prevention Training and Family Reintegration Programs

(LAKE FOREST, CA) October 25, 2017 — Infinite Hero Foundation (IHF) today announced that five non-profit organizations have been awarded grants to fund therapies that address the most critical mental and physical challenges facing returning military veterans and their families. Since its inception in 2011, IHF has issued more than $3 million in grants and provided critical PR, marketing and strategic partnership support to twenty different veteran service organizations.

All Eagles Oscar and Brain Education Strategies and Technology, Inc. join previous award recipients Project Sanctuary, The Station Foundation and Boot Campaign for the current round of funding.

“Going into our sixth year of providing grants, we’ve taken some necessary steps to fine tune our criteria and application process” said Infinite Hero Foundation Board President, Colin Baden. “Our goal is to find programs where the injection of critical funds and support will help pilot new initiatives, prove the efficacy of innovative treatments and to help organizations expand their offerings to better service the military community through advances in technology and treatment protocols.”

All Eagles Oscar received $50,000 to fund brain treatment research and rehabilitation programs at The Brain Treatment Center in Newport Beach and San Diego, California and physical rehabilitation through Virginia High Performance, among other centers. The Brain Treatment Center MeRT Treatment uses non-invasive neuro-modulation to treat the physiological cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by restoring normal brainwave activity to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger to help sleep patterns.

Brain Education Strategies and Technology, Inc. (BEST) received $30,000 for their online program designed to help veterans and service members integrate specific apps into their daily routines to assist with cognitive issues commonly experienced post-TBI (e.g., energy management, goal-setting, note-taking, organization and password storage). Based on a model already piloted at the Palo Alto VA, veterans, caregivers and clinicians receive training in how to use five apps selected for their practicality and versatility. In addition to providing training in app use for TBI, the project will include the development of one new app, StrategizeMyLife, and also its incorporation into a suite of apps designed for use by vets and active duty military with TBI.

Boot Campaign received a total of $200,000 for ReBOOT. This program provides access to world-class physical and mental wellness programs for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, addiction, and insomnia. By removing financial barriers, our service men and women can receive the treatment that they deserve and have earned.

The Station Foundation received $70,000 to advance The Homecoming & Legacy Project. This program offers a variety of workshops that help service members and their families cross thresholds in their lives. It entails four workshops that address diverse needs identified as critical for a service member’s successful re-integration into their families and communities. Pre- and post-workshop protocol (resiliency surveys, assessment tools and phone calls) ensures participants appropriately use their strengths, practice new techniques, and successfully accomplish personal goals. The Legacy Project provides a process that grooms and mentors Gold Star Children from adolescent age through college, helping them become successful leaders.

In 2016, Project Sanctuary lost program participant, veteran Brian Walton, to suicide. In honor of, and in response to this tragic loss, Project Sanctuary vowed to honor Brian’s legacy by creating a dedicated peer mentorship program, which was funded by an Infinite Hero grant of $100,000. The Walton’s Warriors Peer Mentorship Program is the only training program nationwide providing at least 10 months of strategic training on self-care, red flags, and combat-related PTSD, with a built-in support network, to help ensure peer-mentor retention and provide veterans with a new mission. In 2017, Infinite Hero provided an additional $60,000 to help build upon beta-year success by incorporating additional mentors and coaches, and launching more innovative strategies.

Infinite Hero Foundation depends on the public support of individuals that are equally committed to combating the issues facing our military heroes and their families. Supporters can make a donation at or follow Infinite Hero on Facebook.

About Infinite Hero Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Infinite Hero Foundation combats the most difficult front line issues – mental and physical – facing returning military heroes and their families. The Foundation funds programs that drive innovation and the accessibility of effective treatments for active duty and veterans dealing with service-related mental and physical injuries. For more information, please visit:

CONTACT: Laurie Baker, Executive Director, or (949) 829-6446.

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