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New Grants to Airpower Foundation; Vail Veterans Program; Team Red, White and Blue; Challenged Athletes for Operation Rebound; and the University of Pittsburgh

December 4, 2015 (Foothill Ranch, CA) – Infinite Hero Foundation announced today that it has distributed $430,000 in total funds to grant programs in 2015. New grants distributed in 2015 included:

$200,000 to Airpower Foundation to continue funding innovative brain treatment centers in California and Texas. The Foundation works to treat the physiological cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by using non-invasive near-modulation to restore normal brainwave activity to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger. It also treats veterans combining evidence-based diagnostics with leading-edge technologies and treatments to improve quality of life for service members and their families.

$30,000 to Vail Veterans Program to pilot a leadership development partnership with Johnson and Johnson’s Human Performance Institute, and conducted the first session this past September. VVP’s therapeutic programs are specifically designed to dramatically decrease isolating effects of physical and mental wounds by bringing together service members who survived severe combat-related injuries, their families and therapists.

$100,000 to Team Red, White and Blue (Team RWB) to launch the Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP). Team RWB designed this program to further empower volunteers, leaders, and veterans to have a lasting, positive influence in their communities. They engage veterans multiple times a week in over 170 communities and provide a safe environment for veterans to “self identify” challenges they encounter in the reintegration process.

$75,000 to CAF Operation Rebound for sports, fitness and mentorship programs that strengthen the mental and physical well-being of active duty, veterans and first responders with permanent physical injuries.

$25,000 to the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Military Medicine Research to develop and implement a pilot program focused on supporting children in military families, called Teaching Kids to Cope-Military.

About Infinite Hero Foundation
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Infinite Hero Foundation combats the most difficult front line issues – mental and physical – facing returning military heroes and their families. The Foundation funds programs that drive innovation and the accessibility of effective treatments for military heroes and their families dealing with service-related mental and physical injuries. For more information, visit: or follow Infinite Hero on Facebook.


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